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    GuardSecure offers a comprehensive range of security solutions.
    Our range of services includes:

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    21 Caversham Road Pinetown,
    PO BOX 212, New Germany 3620.
    031 709 1122
    031 709 0262

    GuardSecure believes

    That everyone deserves a safe environment in which to live, visit and work. We demonstrate our commitment to this belief by offering our customers 24-hour uncompromising security services using trained and qualified security officers. Let GuardSecure worry about protecting your assets, so you don’t have to.

    Our professionals operate across the greater Durban area, and actively participate in community initiatives, which improve citizen safety and welfare. We continuously strive to exceed our clients’ expectations by cross-pollinating best practices across industries,some of which are listed below:
    At GuardSecure, we constantly strive to exceed our clients’ expectations by introducing technology to measure the performance of our security personnel. Thanks to the increasing connectivity and convergence we are able to monitor our security officers in real time, giving you the satisfaction of our performance. Whatever your security service requirements, you can count on our expertise and experience to come through for you every time.
    With effect from 1st April 1991, in addition to the normal registration of a company or close corporation and in terms of the Security Officers Act, 1987 (Act No.92 of 1987), all employees including directors of a company and every member of a close corporation is required to register as a Security Officer with the Security Officers Board, whereby on successful registration a certificate is issued. The registration involves a vetting process, including the submission of fingerprints. The penalty for failing to be registered as a company, close corporation or individuals is a fine of R1,000 or six months imprisonment in addition, in case of a company or close corporation a criminal charge for each employee found unregistered. To view our security certificate please email
    GuardSecure Cares - The GuardSecure team has a long established history of giving back to the local communities in which we operate.We have always had a strong sense of social responsibility. The contributions to local charities as listed below have been driven by the compassion and generosity of our clients and guards who we are proud to support. Some of the charities and institutions we have supported include: 1. New Bethesda Church 2. Child Welfare Chatsworth 3. Darul Uloom Samnaniyah

    Operational Infrastructure

    At GuardSecure we believe in operating with a fully functional and equipped business premises that allows us to carry out our services with surety and effectiveness. At GuardSecure, we ensure that our security services are well backed-up with multiple response vehicles, equipment and relief security officers. Be rest assured that your business is well secured and managed with our contingency measures in place. Our 24 hour control centre is will ensure that you receive the support and response you need at all times, seven days a week.

    Our premises are fully secured and have passed inspection by the South African Police. We have an open invitation policy where you are welcome to visit and carry out a site inspection at any reasonable time. We strongly recommend that whether you select GUARDSECURE to provide your security services or not, that you inspect the premises of the Company selected. Not only the Head Office but in particular the Branch Office from which your service will be administered.
    Our control centre operates on a 24-hour basis. Our radio system operates on two channels one for on site security officers and the other Proprietors, Management and Supervisors. On site security officers cannot hear conversation on the second channel but Control, Proprietors, Management and Supervisors can hear conversations on all channels as well as communicate with them. Our Control Centre is also equipped with a radio on the Commerce and Industry radio link, which gives us direct link to the Pinetown Protection Services. A further application for direct radio communication with the South African Police has been submitted. Five lines give adequate access to our control centre and a printer provides us with the information regarding the telephone calls IN and OUT, the telephone numbers and time duration.
    6 motor vehicles - all radio equipped
    4 x Light delivery vehicles (all radio equipped)
    46 x two way radio’s
    1 x two-way radio repeater (own frequency) 52 kilometre radius

    GuardSecure - Uncompromising security services